United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - UNCTAD

The AdC participates in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - UNCTAD on issues of competition policy with a special focus on developing economies, within the framework of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Competition Law and Policy, and through international technical cooperation projects.

The AdC is a member of the International Group of Experts on Competition Law and Policy (IGE) which meets annually in Geneva.

IGE meetings aim to tackle issues of common interest to Member-States and to promote an informal exchange of experiences and good practices, building on the “Set of Multilaterally Agreed Equitable Principles and Rules for the Control of Restrictive Business Practices” (United Nations Set), which provide the basis for the IGE consultations.

Technical Cooperation
The UNCTAD promotes technical cooperation initiatives in countries that seek assistance in institutional capacity building, or aim to consolidate the implementation of competition rules. In this context, the AdC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UNCTAD, which has been instrumental in initiatives organized in the framework of the Lusophone Competition Network.