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​The AdC, in the fulfillment of its international role, participates in the OECD Competition Committee, and its specialized working groups. The AdC also participates in the Global Forum on Competition and the Latin American Competition Forum. In addition, the AdC has given technical assistance in the work of the OECD Regional Centers for Competition.

Competition Committee

The Competition Committee analyses the annual reports on policy developments in competition of each Member-State, as well as horizontal issues related to competition. The Competition Committee includes two specialized working groups in which the AdC also participates: Working Party 2 on Competition and Regulation, and Working Party 3 on Cooperation and Enforcement.


The AdC is responsible for presenting the Annual Report on Policy Developments in Competition in Portugal, as well as for contributing a Portuguese perspective on the topics under debate in the various roundtable discussions.

Annual Reports on Policy Developments in Competition in Portugal


Global Forum on Competition
Since 2001, the OECD has held annual meetings of the Global Forum on Competition.
This Forum, which the AdC participates in, aims to promote debate on competition policy between Member-States and non Member-States, at an annual meeting of high level competition officials from around the world.
Latin American Competition Forum
The Latin American Competition Forum created in 2003, promotes dialogue, and the sharing of experiences and good practices, between senior officials of Latin American competition institutions. The AdC also participates in the Latin American Competition Forum, along with other Member-States of the Ibero-American Competition Forum which operates in parallel. 
OECD Regional Centers for Competition
The AdC has contributed to the work of the Regional Centers for Competition (RCC), which promote capacity-building and technical cooperation on a regional level. The technical assistance the AdC focuses mostly on is the sharing of experience in developing economic studies, by presenting the conclusions and recommendations of various market studies carried out by the AdC. 

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