AdC and Infarmed signed memorandum of understanding

​Joint press release
AdC and Infarmed signed memorandum of understanding
The AdC and Infarmed - National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that establishes instruments for cooperation and exchange of information, thereby improving the effectiveness of both authorities in fulfilling their respective objectives.
The timely detection of market failures or competitive distortions is one of the purposes shared by AdC and Infarmed. The MoU establishes a regular exchange of information on the supervision and monitoring of the sale and consumption of medical products for human use, medical devices and cosmetics.
By allowing access to reliable information, the MoU will facilitate the detection of anti-competitive practices in the pharmaceutical sector.
The pharmaceutical sector is of paramount importance to public health and to the economy, with medicines accounting for a significant share of household and public expenditure.
It is of paramount importance to ensure the open and competitive functioning of markets in this sector in order to ensure access to safe and affordable medicines and health products, whether they are innovative or well established products in the market.
To this end, it is important to closely monitor the evolution of prices, patent periods, the introduction of generic medicines, the development of biosimilars, shortages of medicines in the market, and thus evaluating the extent to which anomalous situations may be related with the existence of anticompetitive practices.
The monitoring and permanent analysis of key sectors for the Portuguese economy underlies the priorities of the AdC for the year in which it marks its 15th anniversary.
The consolidation and intensification of cooperation with sector regulators is another of the priorities set for 2018 and will enable the AdC to optimize its operations through the sharing of experience and knowledge on markets and potential restrictions on competition.
Access to medicines and health products characterized by quality, safety and cost-effectiveness is one of the objectives of Infarmed as a regulatory entity.
This MoU will contribute to this purpose and to the sustainability of the National Health Service (NHS), through the rational use of health products, the promotion of competition and the protection of citizens against possible shortages and access problems in the market.
The MoU became effective on September 21, 2018, date of its signature.