Lisbon Commercial Court upholds Competition Authority’s ruling against two pharmaceutical enterprises

​On 12 September 2011, Lisbon Commercial Court delivered its ruling in the case brought against the enterprises Baxter - Médico Farmacêutica Lda and Glintt - Business Solutions Lda.

In its decision, the court accepted that the competition rules had been breached in a concerted action.

The court upheld the Competition Authority’s ruling in which the above enterprises were found guilty of making and carrying out an anti-competitive price-fixing agreement, which, under Law No. 18/2003 of 11 June, constitutes a punishable administrative offence.

In the decision by Lisbon Commercial Court, solely the charge that the defendants’ conduct affected intra-Community trade was not considered proven.

The court imposed the following fines:

Baxter - Médico Farmacêutica Lda, €100,000.00; Glintt - Business Solutions Lda, €300,000.00.

An appeal against this judgment may be lodged with Lisbon Court of Appeal.

Lisbon, 12 September 2011