Competition Authority provides clarification regarding statements on fuel

In light of the media reports presented today, attributing negative statements to the president of the Competition Authority with respect to the quality of liquid fuels sold at filling stations belonging to large-format shopping malls, it is necessary to make the following clear:

  1. On no occasion did the president of the Competition authority make these statements or venture any value judgement on the fuel sold at the filling stations of large format shopping malls or any other stations.
  2. At a meeting with journalists on 1 October, arranged by the Competition Authority to present the new monthly bulletin of fuel statistics, the president of the CA was questioned on the reasons why the data presented indicated a price difference of around 10 cents between the fuel sold in large-format shopping malls and other filling stations.
    • The Competition Authority president answered that the lower fuel prices charged by most large-format malls are due to lower operating and distribution costs, e.g. lower installation and labour costs, as well as the sale of a “simpler and more limited product range”, with the quality of a simple product only being comparable with that of another simple product.
    • The Competition Authority president stressed on the occasion, to dispel any doubt about the quality of the products, that the fuels sold in the filling stations of large-format shopping malls “comply with all the technical requirements” defined for the purpose.
  3. The president of the Competition Authority rejects any exploitation that may be made of his statements, with obscure intentions, which the CA places itself above: they merely contribute to confusing the market and the consumer.

(Nº: 19/2009)