Information from the Competition Authority on its President's Decision

​The Competition Authority is bringing to public notice its president's decision to request suspension of his duties as a substitute member of the management board of the Order of Economists, with effect from 24 November 2008. This decision was taken on the assumption that it represents the solution that best serves the higher interests of the Competition Authority, in the light of the treatment this issue has received in the media, despite the understanding that there was no incompatibility or conflict-of-interest between being president of the Competition Authority and a substitute board-member of the Order of Economists. Two reasons underpinned this understanding: firstly, the office held in the Order of Economists was that of a substitute, not permanent, board-member; and secondly, more importantly, in contrast to what happens in older professional orders, the Order of Economists does not exercise economic activity, in the sense that it does not regulate access to or exercise of the profession. Thus, within the context of the Competition Act and in consideration of the statutes in force of the Order of Economists, this professional order does not exercise an activity that is liable to be the subject of supervision on the part of the Competition Authority. In the light of these reasons, the understanding has always been that being a substitute member of the Order of Economists' management board represents a civic activity and in no way corresponds to the performance of any private function. The Competition Authority is also bringing to public notice that it has requested an Opinion from the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic on interpretation of Article 14 (1) a) of the Competition Authority's Statutes (DL No. 10/2003 of 18 January).

(Nº: 20/2008)