Curricular Internships

​The Portuguese Competition Authority’s (AdC) purpose is to defend competition to the benefit of citizens (“With competition, everybody wins”).
Its mission is to investigate more, better and faster in order to be the reference in public service for quality, agility and ability to deliver value to society. 

The AdC has currently 6 openings for curricular internships. Given the nature of its activities, one of the curricular internships does not require fluency in Portuguese. Find out more:

- Economic Studies - Ref.ª EC/2020/3;

Enrolment in a university degree.
Internship to be done in the context of academic degree.

- Signing of an MoU with the educational institution and the student;
- Minimum duration of 2 months;
- 6 hours daily work;
- Professional hazards insurance assured by the educational institution;
- Certificate of attendance and final internship evaluation.

Selection process:
The AdC’s internship selection process consists of two phases:
- Curriculum evaluation;
- Interview.

Submissions phase:  Until 23:59 (UTC/GMT+00:00) on March 27, 2020
Fill out the application form according to the desired area, and submit with the required documents.

Selection phase: From April to May
Admissions: Starting from June