The Competition Authority was created by Decree-Law 10-2003 of January, 18, 2003. It is an independent and financially autonomous institution.

According to its Organic Law, the organs of the Competition Authority are the Board  and the Sole Auditors.

The Board is responsible for conducting Competition Authority services in order to achieve the purposes assigned.

The Board is chaired by the president of the CA and has three members, appointed by means of a resolution of the Governement, after parliamentary committee hearing. The Board consists of Ms. Margarida Matos Rosa, President, Ms. Maria João Melícias and Mr. Miguel Moura e Silva​.

The Sole Auditor is responsible for controlling the legality and economy of Competition Authority financial and asset management. The officer is appointed from among registered statutory auditors or statutory audit firms by joint decision of the Ministers of Finance and Economy.

The audit firm CFA – Cravo Fortes Antão & Associados, S.R.O.C. Lda, represented by Mr. João Paulo Mendes Marques is the present Competition Authority Sole Auditor.

See here the AdC Organization Chart: